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Polo Cleaners

When you are working, trying to get a job, or have a special event on the horizon, you need to look your best. You need to know that whatever you decide to wear, that it will look as great as the day you bought it. Polo Cleaners in Flower Mound want to help make sure you are ready for any occasion.

Polo Cleaners has recently changed ownership as Neena Yi has taken over the family business after her father. Neena has an infectious enthusiasm about her family business, and said she has been thrilled with how everyone has welcomed her into the role. It is her hope to take the business that her father built for over a decade, and take it to the next level. The business has already seen improvements under her leadership, and customers are taking notice.

What Polo Cleaners is best known for is their ability to get out the toughest stains on men’s collared shirts. Their attention to detail and experience give men shirts that look and feel brand new every time. In addition, they also offer a laundry service that is very flexible, from everyday needs to those awkward pieces like cushions or bedding. Their commercial washers will get out the grime, and have it home to you spic and span.

According to Neena, one little known secret about her business is that no customer will ever have to pay extra due to size. Men who shop in the big and tall section know how hard it is to find the right size clothes, but they may not know how hard it is to find a good deal. The truth of the matter is that many other dry cleaners charge extra for sizes in the 2x, 3x, and higher. This is due to the fact that all ironing must be done by hand instead of a machine. At Polo Cleaners, they never charge extra to customers who happen to fit into a larger size.

Big and tall, or small and short, the number one thing you can expect from Neena at Polo Cleaner’s is a big smile when you walk through the door. Her passion for customer service is what she feels keeps customers coming back. In fact, she says that developing personal relationships with her customers is her favorite part of owning the business. She looks forward to seeing all her regulars and newcomers each week. So stop in to Polo Cleaners in Flower Mound and discover a better way to stay clean.

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