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valpak of dallasKeeping your health in prime condition is a lifelong process. It is all too easy to fall off the bandwagon, and can be difficult to get back to a healthy lifestyle without an awesome support system. We all know the basics to staying healthy are diet and exercise, but what goes into maintaining these seemingly simple tenants can be more complex. That is where Life Time Fitness comes in, to help be that extra support to keep you on track for life.

So what makes Life Time Fitness so unique? Well for starters that they do not label themselves a gym or even a club. The title they proudly wear is your “healthy way of life destination”. This is the title that general manager Janet Juelfs says is proven in their comprehensive care of clients.

Walking into Life Time Fitness is unlike any experience around. This expansive healthy way of life destination boasts many unique features that you will not find at your run of the mill gym. One difference is the age range of clientele that they serve. There are programs for healthy living from 3 months and up. No matter the age, every member of the family can benefit from their plethora of programs and activities.

Some of these services and activities include: Indoor and outdoor pools with slides, a state of the art child activities center, teen programs, small group and one-on-one training, nutritional counseling, indoor climbing wall, basketball courts, yoga studios, indoor and outdoor cycling, and their Life Time Run program. All of these activities and more are available to members.

Want to join a health community that is dedicated to truly customized fitness? Look no further! Their lab testing services will check everything from food sensitivities, to cholesterol, and even stress tests that measure your active and resting metabolic rates. This allows trainers to pinpoint exactly where you are on your fitness journey, and how to better individualize your health programs. If you want to grab a healthy lunch or snack, you can head to their LifeCafe where the motto is “if it’s here, it’s healthy”.

After 11 years of business serving the Flower Mound area, Janet and the staff at Life Time Fitness are looking to be more than another health club, they are looking to be another home. A place to spend time with family, friends, and make new friends as well. A community of people who believe that when one triumphs, everyone triumphs with them. As Janet stated, the code they live by is “one club, one team, one win”. For more information, visit their website at

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