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Product Tracking Enhancements

Know how consumers find your business and what drives them to purchase with Pak-Trak, the local print and digital advertising solution that tracks your campaign performance to definitively prove that Valpak really works for your business.


You advertise in the local Valpak Blue Envelope and

Pak-Trak tracks:

  • Calls coming in from your ad and offer
  • Clicks and prints of your offer on
  • Web traffic to your landing page* with Google Analytics

Your Pak-Trak call tracking number is exclusive to your print ad and business profile page. So you know any calls coming in from that line are a direct result of your Valpak advertising efforts.

That is just as true of the traffic to your landing page, which comes from your print ad and is measured with the powerful reporting of Google Analytics. Best of all, each month you will receive a detailed report of the results of your Valpak campaign. So there’s no question that Pak-Trak is bringing more customers and sales to your business…all from one easy-to-use dashboard!