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Richard Heineman

Valpak of Dallas

Digital & Print Analyst

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Phone:  469-579-8501

I am absolutely passionate about driving customer engagement. I am able to help brands align their social media and marketing strategy ensuring that marketing budget is spent in the right places, to get the best return on investment for their marketing efforts.

With 20+ years experience in the marketing and advertising industry, I consider my best skills to be in the area of Strategic Marketing, and have a proven track record in delivering marketing campaigns across social media, the web, and in the mail.

I love seeing a client’s marketing campaign come to life and deliver massive results.

I know how to effectively drive traffic to websites to increase sales and have been responsible for growing a newspapers web traffic from 1 million users per month to 10 million users per month in less than a year. I understand SEO and PPC marketing, and I am able to interpret key analytics in relation to online marketing campaigns.  I’m Google AdWords Certified.

I have personally built over 50 websites for local businesses across the US and have an extensive graphic design portfolio located at

I enjoy public speaking and regularly deliver presentations in the area of Strategic Marketing, Online Marketing and digital media.

I’m a veteran of the US Air Force and proudly served in Operation Desert Storm.

My specialties include Marketing Strategy, Brand Strategy, Marketing & Sales, Consumer Behavior, Social Media Strategy, Digital Marketing, Internet Marketing, and Direct Mail Advertising.