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Valpak of DallasValpak offers digital solutions with, an online site for local savings, which has nearly 70 million views each month. When you advertise on the Valpak digital network, consumers can see your content on more than 150 partner sites through With your Business Profile Page, you can provide consumers with relevant offers and increase the chance for your business to be seen.

You’re just a click away from your best customers

In the recent past, marketers focused on “reach and frequency”. With online marketing it’s more about “reach and convenience”, both of which translate to “more business” for you. By giving the people what they want (promotional savings at their convenience), and combining it with the unprecedented reach of the internet, you’re maximizing your marketing dollars. Increase your business exposure and Internet presence using our complete Digital Marketing Solution to reach your online consumers.

Be available to consumers 24/7 with reaches a preferred online audience. These are shoppers actively looking for promotions. allows them to find your offers quickly and easily, whenever they want. It’s also a destination site, with consumers returning again and again for savings and values near their home, work or where they travel which means your promotion has the potential to be seen over and over again. Consumers have even more incentive to return to the site with monthly sweepstakes and giveaways, again exposing them to your offers.

Other benefits to advertising with

  • There’s no investment in technology
  • No Web site required
  • More business can be generated with a click-through or e-mail link in their ad.
  • As seasons or business needs change, so can the offers, quickly and easily.
  • Maps, distance and directions further help consumers connect with you.